Wednesday, May 30, 2012


I was supposed to avoid nasi lemak at all costs but I can't do so today. Stuck in the workshop again. Last time I was here, I didn't have breakfast or lunch. Not even a snack in between. This time, I'm well prepared. Bought nasi lemak from the famous "pakcik". Joked with him a bit this morning when I wanted more "sambal". He said, "kasi rendam sama dia!" Hahahaha... Funny "pakcik". Bought a few "kuihs" and I'm good to go. After eating the nasi lemak, I'm now extremely sleepy. Trying to keep myself awake by watching ONCE UPON A TIME. This series is so good! I've also brought my Delirium book in case I get tired watching the series. Hehehe... Yes. I'm VERY well prepared! I hate watching tv in the mornings as there are NOTHING good on! Don't trust me? Try switching on your tv. See how many times you "surf" using the remote! Am I right? :P 

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