Wednesday, September 26, 2012

Book reviews are a daunting task!

Its been awhile since I've done any book reviews. The last thorough ones was done when I was back in secondary school and that was for my language classes as well as English literature class. I still remember very vividly that I loathe reading Wuthering Heights written by Emily Brontë. The only reason why I hated the book so much was it makes me have a headache every time I read it due to the words that was used. I wasn't quite used to reading classic literature and this was my first attempt at reading one. Involuntary reading that is! :l I was only 13 and I didn't understand what was happening. On top of that, my teacher wanted us to write a summary of the book. Sometimes, when she wants to discuss the book in class on certain chapters, I would always asks my classmate on her assumptions. :) I was only 13! Can't blame me for that. However, now that I've read the plot of the book on Wikipedia, I'm quite interested to give it another go! :) I may just add this book into my Goodreads to-read section. ;) Wish me luck in posting a book review. I have to do some dissecting now! :) 

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Wednesday, September 19, 2012

I'm editing now

I'm currently editing. So tiring because its a 30 minutes and I'm trying to reduce to just 15 minutes. Hopefully I can. How's your day coming along? If I exceed 10pm whilst editing, I'm going to shut down my laptop and call it a day. I have a full day's event tomorrow. Urgh! So lazy to go but I have to! :P Anyway, I'll blog more tomorrow. 

Oh, I went for a 45 minutes walk plus a 10 times push ups! Yeay! Good progress to a healthier me! :D

Tuesday, September 18, 2012

My favourite romantic movies

There's only one movie that will pop in my mind if anyone asks what my favourite movie is. Yes. Its You've Got Mail starring Tom Hanks and Meg Ryan. Its actually my all time favourite movie regardless of any genre! Why? This might sound silly but if you really watch the plot line, its about 2 people who has never met in their entire life becoming penpals and at the very end found out they have some similar interests. Swap the laptops with old fashioned letters (sent via snail mail, that is) and it becomes something along the lines of a Little Women book (loosely based). Am I right? 

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In this movie, New York has never been depicted more beautiful and its set during Autumn/ Winter. There's just something about these 2 seasons that makes any romance movies more romantic! I love how Tom Hanks slowly made Meg Ryan hate his alter ego without knowing that it was really him in the end. There's one part in that movie that always made me cry. You'll know which one. Here's a clue, Meg Ryan cried too in that scene. :) 

The second one is The Wedding Planner. Its an oldie but a goodie. I love the control freak depicted in Jennifer Lopez's character. Matthew McConaughey was a really good looking doctor. He made me swoon and that southern drawl of his... Wow! Its a simple story. Man falls in love with another girl right before his wedding. Cute story. Very sweet. Makes your heart go pitter patter at the end of the movie. 

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The last one that I recently found at a Speedy Video shop is Serendipity. Fun facts about the movie, its named after a dessert place in New York by the same name. 

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It serves one of the most delicious desserts I've ever seen. Frozen hot chocolate! How good does that sound to you? The sinful image is below. ;) 

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Back to the story. The movie is about a superstitious girl who leaves everything in her life up to chances. Even the love of her life. She met a guy (John Cusack) by chance one fine day and they spent the entire day together. Learning more about each other. Then, she left their fate to chance. If they were meant to be, there will be signs to tell them. Hehehe... Its a crazy movie and sometimes you just felt like slapping Kate across the face shouting to her that John is the perfect guy for her! I love this movie very much and again the background is set during autumn/ winter. 

The next one hasn't been aired on tv for a long time! I've been trying to get a hold of it, with no avail. :( This is a food based romantic movie. The main character inherits some magical powers and its translated into the food she makes. Sounds interesting, right? It is and its a wonderful romantic movie. If you haven't watch it, please do. It was not as popular to the ones that I've mentioned above but just as good. 

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Those are my favourite romantic movies of all time. What are yours? Leave me a comment, ok? :) Thank you for reading my post! :) 

Monday, September 17, 2012

Currently in editing mode! :)


How are you? I'm good. Thank you. I'm a bit tied up with editing today. Just recorded a video and its editing time now. In the mean time, have you seen my last few videos? Click below. Don't forget to comment, thumbs up the video and SUBSCRIBE! 

This is a video tour of the Cold Storage supermarket. I like to watch these kinds of videos. Do you? :)

I love books! Need I say more? :) 

Tips & Tricks @ The Big Bad Wolf book sale 2012

Ok. I know its still a long way to go (it will be held from 7th to 23rd Dec 2012) but I want to share some of my tips and tricks of snagging the books! Hehehe.. Kiasu betul nih! :) Well, you do have to be "kiasu" because its not easy to find books of a limited quantity being sold for RM8 each! Well, the price varies from book to book but expect it to be 75-95% off per book! How can you miss out on this sale?! No.. no.. If you've missed out on it previously, you need to go this time around. This time it will be held at the Mines Convention Centre. Even if you are not an avid book lover, just go. You might find a book of your fancy there! Let me give you a few tips and tricks before, during and after the event. 

  • Increase your stamina.You're going to walk around A LOT! Wear comfortable shoes! This is no time to be wearing those heels! 
  • Practice standing for a long period of time
  • Buy a trolley or bring a suitcase with wheels! You will get tired carrying the boxes
  • Print out the list of books that you want to get
  • Print out the map of the venue. There is no time to get lost! 
  • Add a dictionary to your list
  • Be extremely early! There will be a long queue even if you are extremely early! 
  • Be courteous to others. They have the same interest as you. You might make a new friend or two. Remember, they are book lovers too
  • Bring the trolleys or suitcases on wheels. Take the books that you want, dump them into the boxes and then take them to the storage area then browse around for your second batch
  • Find the books that's on your list first. You can browse for others later
  • If you see the book you like that's not on your list, grab it! You never know when you'll see it again
  • Once you have all your books, check your budget. If you've exceeded, its ok. Make sure you place the books back where you found it. Don't just leave them in the boxes on the side of the halls! Others might be looking for those books too!
  • Practice maturity in the halls. Don't give each other the evil eye. Remember to be courteous. We are all very educated people! 
  • If you have children, keep them close to you
  • No drinking or eating in the halls. Who wants to buy a book that's smudged with food or drenched in water
  • If you see a person who grabbed the same book as you, give suggestions to them on others that you like. They may like it too. 
  • Line up and don't cut queue! You are a well educated person. Don't practice your caveman syndrome here! Don't groan or moan on the amount of books that person in front of you has. If he/she buys a lot, it may not all be hers. She could be donating a majority of it
  • Be courteous to the cashier. He/ she is working hard to serve you. Make small conversations. You might pick up a tidbit or two about the event! Who knows, it might be beneficial for you
  • Enjoy and cherish your hard earned effort. Wrap your books! 
  • Tell me what you've bought! 
  • Make a cup of your favourite drink, turn off the tv and lose yourself in the author's world!
  • You can thank me for the tips and tricks later. :) 
Happy hunting, everyone! I'll make sure to take a few pictures when I'm there this year! :) Please share this post on your social medias. Thanks! :) 

Sunday, September 16, 2012

My video camera is damaged! :(

I'm so sad! It didn't get caught in the rain or anything terrible like that. It just decided to malfunction when I tried to playback or transfer some of the footage! Argh!!! Now, I need to go and send it off to the shop since its still under warranty to get it fix! It will take 3 weeks!!! I have 2 videos that I recorded yesterday! God! I hope it doesn't get deleted! :(

Saturday, September 15, 2012

"Jalan-jalan" time! At The Curve, Damansara! :)

A few days back, I've decided to go to Borders at The Curve on Saturday (today) because I wanted to check out more books to add to my collection when I make my purchase at the BBW sale this year. Have you seen my HUGE book haul from last year? Its BIG! I loved every single book! Its worth a trip there! :D Below are the book haul videos! :D 

Main reason to go there was to browse around and add more books to my every growing list on Goodreads! I've found a few and I've also found books that I really, really, really need to get! I never thought that I would find it in Malaysia. These books are not something that I should pass up. So, I bought 3 books at Borders! Hehehe.. Borders is fast becoming one of my favourite book haunts! It has a variety of young adult and fiction books! I found The Walking Dead graphic novels too! If I have an additional amount of cash next year, I will buy each one in the series. It costs at least RM30 each. There's quite a few to collect! So, in due time, my darlings. :) I want to try reading graphic novels. Its nice to see the story translated into comics or illustrations! You will admire both the author's writing and the beautiful illustrations. It is expensive but I think its worth it. My uncles used to collect Spiderman, Superman, Thor, Asterix and Obelix (below) and so on. 

Images courtesy of Google Inc. 

My mom used to collect Archie comics and from time to time I still purchase it now. I used to read Archie comics when I was small. My first step to understanding and conversing in English was through Archie comics. :) I think my favourite male character was Jughead. He's the one on the left in the image below. 

Images courtesy of Google Inc. 

Favourite female character was the notorious boyfriend stealer, Cheryl! Pictured below in the centre. I like her not for the boyfriend stealing part but because she oozes confidence and she's not afraid to take risks. :) 

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I will show you the haul I made in my next few posts. I've recorded a video on that. 

Other than Borders, we had lunch in Marche and walk around the street bazaar where my sister bought me a pair of gorgeous sunglasses! Thanks, Jan! :) Then, we went home. So tired of walking around. 

Question of the day: What was your favourite comic growing up? :)

Friday, September 14, 2012

Its the weekend!!! Well... almost... ;)

Its a lovely Friday. Not too hot. The weather is just nice. Hopefully it will remain this way in the afternoon and evening. Did your area get the strong winds yesterday? It was practically howling and chilly in my area! I had to wear a hoodie! Hehehe... I love it! :D

The past 2 days I was talking about IT gadgets. Today, I'm going to talk about beauty gadgets. Just one beauty gadget in particular. Its the Clarisonic. The one below is the original. 

Image courtesy of Google Inc. 
In Malaysia, the original Clarisonic costs RM800+ and the Mia below costs RM500+. 
Image courtesy of Google Inc.
The Mia 2 costs RM600+. The brush heads costs RM90+ and I don't think they've brought it that many varieties of brush heads here. 
Image courtesy of Google Inc.

The Clarisonic is available in Sephora Malaysia. As you can see from the prices that I've stated, these gadgets are really pricey! However, I've heard so many wonderful things about this gadgets and how it has improved the skin appearance of some of its users. I've been meaning to get one but to buy just one item at this price still doesn't justify it. I really, really want one though. I'm still wondering why its so expensive when it reaches our shores. Its still being shipped by the same distributor which is Sephora. Hmm... Anyway, my main reason to get this gadget is to reduce my acne and wrinkles. I don't have that many wrinkles but I do have my fair share of acne. I'm hoping this would help lighten the appearance of scars, reduce the production of oil on my face and reduces the emergence of acne. Plus, smooths away my skin, of course. ;) I'm hoping to get the same results as per happy owners of the Clarisonic. 

Here's to hoping I get a huge bonus or some sort of money increment or compensation next year or a very generous benefactor will help me out on this. *hint hint, Mr. Happy Feet! ;)

Do you want to get the Clarisonic too? Leave it in the comment section below. :) Talk to you tomorrow! :) 

Thursday, September 13, 2012

I'm a gadget freak!

Ok... I don't think that you'll be surprised by the subject above after reading my previous post. Check it out below if you haven't! :) Today, Apple has announced the new iPhone 5 which I think will grace our shores at the end of the year. I'm not keen on getting an iPhone simply because of the battery life. I've never bought an iPhone for this reason. I'll use my phone for one purpose only which is to communicate. For me, that means, making calls, receiving calls, sending or receiving SMS (text messages) and maybe the occasional photo snap here and there. So, I don't use too much of the functions in an iPhone because I have an iPod touch that works the same way as an iPhone. I would surf, listen to music, read and send emails, watch YouTube, play Tiny Tower (tee hee... :D), etc on it. Hence, I don't drain the battery of my phone. Now, if the battery is always draining, I'll just simply buy a new battery rather than change to a new phone! I like to use my phone until its beyond repair. :) I've had the same phone for the last almost 3 or 4 years now. I can't even remember when I bought it! That's how long its been! :D I don't need to change to a new phone whenever a new model comes out. 

With that being said, I'm going to contradict myself now. Just for the iPod touch. Now, this morning, I was moaning, why didn't Apple release a new iPod touch. Its been so long. 

Lo and behold, the new iPod touch 5 is OUT!!! ARGGHHHHH!!!!! I love the iPod touch very much and new one looks amazing! Plus, its available in a multitude of colours! Arghhh!!!!!! There's blue, black, white, coral and yellow (which is such an odd colour!). OMG!!! This I need to get!!! Amazing features! Read all about the features here. Here's how it looks like. Its longer. Similar length to the iPhone 5. Going to give a similar one for hubby too so that he doesn't feel left out. Plus, his old iPod touch's battery is draining from so much usage! Yes, we are an avid iPod touch user! I like the coral colour! The white makes me swoon a little bit but I think the blue coloured one will win, for sure! I have to save money! Saving up for the 64GB. However, even with the 32GB that I have, I don't even use half of the memory! Hmm... this I have to contemplate when the time comes. It'll set me back almost RM1600 for the 64GB! Now, this is worth every ringgit to me compared to the iPad. Mainly because its small which makes it easier to bring around. It can fit into your pocket! I have a laptop. Hence, why I still cannot find the need to buy an iPad. However, the Kindle is a necessity! Hehehe... No internet surfing with the Kindle. Just for reading books. Ok2. Now, I have to do the math. If I save about RM200/month, I would then be able to purchase 2 of it in Jan, 2014. Eeekkk... still a long time to go! Its ok. Its teaching me to be patient. Good things comes to those who waits! No, I'm not going to purchase it using the ZERO interest monthly payment scheme. I have too many loans on my hands and I don't intend to create more. Must be patient. Mind must be at peace. Avoid thinking about it for a year. 

So, that's all the gadgets I'll be getting this year or next year or 2014. I do have some big plans for 2013. Hence, I really need to make sure that I don't spend every single cent that I earn. :) 

So, what gadget do you intend to get next year? :) 

Image courtesy of Apple Inc. It's making me swoon just looking at it! :D

Wednesday, September 12, 2012

To Kindle or not to Kindle

Yes... I'm going bananas thinking about getting an e-reader for my obsession. Reading, of course. Its getting way out of hand now because I'm bringing books wherever I go. To the bank, to restaurants, on a short trip to the shop down the street, etc. Its getting a bit bulky to place in my handbag. Plus, its going to ruin the shape of my handbag. I already have a huge bag of emergency stuff in the handbag and now this?! My poor handbag. Hence, why I'm considering of buying an e-reader. Its slim, its small, its light and you can store up to 3000 books in it! How cool is that?! 

There's a problem. Sigh.. There always is, isn't it? I'm going on a huge project to save up enough money to buy more books than I would have ever imagined at the end of this year at the BBW (Big Bad Wolf) book sale. Have a look at my Goodreads profile here. Follow me there if you like. :) I have a huge amount of books that I would like to get this time and this might be the end of the book hauling. Since I'll be buying a lot of books at year end, its apparent enough that I'll only be buying the Kindle maybe early next year or middle of next year so that I can finish all the books that I bought before I start buying them on my e-reader. So, its still a long wait before I get my hands on one. 

There's another problem. Which Kindle do I get? I love the old Kindle 3 with the keyboard. Mainly because it has a white coloured one. Then, I like the Kindle Fire HD too and I'm a bit obsessed with the Kindle Paperwhite. These 2 are the latest models from Amazon. There's also another option of an e-reader which is from iRiver and the one that I like is the iRiver Story HD which you can now purchase from MPH bookstore and its in white too! Have a look at the options below. Tell me if you have an e-reader and what's the brand, ok? 

This one is available in white! 

Now, this one is similar to an iPad which I dislike. The drawback is it uses a backlight to read which can give a strain to your eyes! 

This is the iRiver story HD which is available in MPH bookstores. Its white! :) Not a popular brand. So, I'm a bit reluctant to get this one. 

Now, this is the apple of my eye. The only drawback is that its black in colour. 

I might be getting an e-reader soon enough. Just got off the phone with a very good and an extremely generous benefactor. Thank you very much, Mr. Benefactor! I'll love and enjoy it very much! :D

Tuesday, September 11, 2012

Assalammualaikum and hello...

Assalammualaikum and hi! :D

Welcome to my new followers. :) Thank you for following me here. I appreciate your support very much. :) Are you subscribed to my YouTube channel too? Please do, ok? :) I honestly wanted to blog more the past few weeks. However, traveling and celebrating Eid got in the way. I had a great time during Eid. Now, I'm suffering a bit due to a nasty cough, fever and flu that I've been having. At the time I'm typing this, my hubby is down with the above too. Hehehe... Sharing is caring, right? Hehehe... ;) I ate way too much during Eid that I think I need to slim down a lot now. :P 

I did make a few videos and right now I don't remember which videos I have embedded here on my blog. Excuse me for a sec... I'm back. Ok, I need to embed quite a few of my videos here. I will attach them now. There's also an update video from me. What videos you can expect from me in the future and so on and what not. :) I have more things to share with you. Probably in my next post. Stay tuned. :)