Wednesday, September 12, 2012

To Kindle or not to Kindle

Yes... I'm going bananas thinking about getting an e-reader for my obsession. Reading, of course. Its getting way out of hand now because I'm bringing books wherever I go. To the bank, to restaurants, on a short trip to the shop down the street, etc. Its getting a bit bulky to place in my handbag. Plus, its going to ruin the shape of my handbag. I already have a huge bag of emergency stuff in the handbag and now this?! My poor handbag. Hence, why I'm considering of buying an e-reader. Its slim, its small, its light and you can store up to 3000 books in it! How cool is that?! 

There's a problem. Sigh.. There always is, isn't it? I'm going on a huge project to save up enough money to buy more books than I would have ever imagined at the end of this year at the BBW (Big Bad Wolf) book sale. Have a look at my Goodreads profile here. Follow me there if you like. :) I have a huge amount of books that I would like to get this time and this might be the end of the book hauling. Since I'll be buying a lot of books at year end, its apparent enough that I'll only be buying the Kindle maybe early next year or middle of next year so that I can finish all the books that I bought before I start buying them on my e-reader. So, its still a long wait before I get my hands on one. 

There's another problem. Which Kindle do I get? I love the old Kindle 3 with the keyboard. Mainly because it has a white coloured one. Then, I like the Kindle Fire HD too and I'm a bit obsessed with the Kindle Paperwhite. These 2 are the latest models from Amazon. There's also another option of an e-reader which is from iRiver and the one that I like is the iRiver Story HD which you can now purchase from MPH bookstore and its in white too! Have a look at the options below. Tell me if you have an e-reader and what's the brand, ok? 

This one is available in white! 

Now, this one is similar to an iPad which I dislike. The drawback is it uses a backlight to read which can give a strain to your eyes! 

This is the iRiver story HD which is available in MPH bookstores. Its white! :) Not a popular brand. So, I'm a bit reluctant to get this one. 

Now, this is the apple of my eye. The only drawback is that its black in colour. 

I might be getting an e-reader soon enough. Just got off the phone with a very good and an extremely generous benefactor. Thank you very much, Mr. Benefactor! I'll love and enjoy it very much! :D


  1. would love to have one~ tapi xd duit (T__________T) tapi bg saya baik akak beli tab terus. multipurpose, harga pun lebih kurang.

    1. akak dah ada iPod touch. jadi boleh surfing internet. lagi pun, akak tak nak bawak tab tu. berat. hehehe... kindle nih khusus untuk membaca aje. iPod touch akak tuh akak guna untuk email, surfing, dengar lagu, YouTube dan sebagainya. senang nak bawak iPod touch tuh. lagi satu, tab guna back light. kindle baru nih guna front light aje. better for the eyes. hehehe... terima kasih untuk suggestion nih, dik. mungkin satu hari akak akan beli iPad tapi bukan dalam masa terdekat nih. tiap2 kali org guna tab/ iPad, rasa mcm nak beli tapi fikir 2-3 kali, tak boleh buat diri untuk beli jugak. hehehe... :D adik guna tab ye?