Saturday, September 15, 2012

"Jalan-jalan" time! At The Curve, Damansara! :)

A few days back, I've decided to go to Borders at The Curve on Saturday (today) because I wanted to check out more books to add to my collection when I make my purchase at the BBW sale this year. Have you seen my HUGE book haul from last year? Its BIG! I loved every single book! Its worth a trip there! :D Below are the book haul videos! :D 

Main reason to go there was to browse around and add more books to my every growing list on Goodreads! I've found a few and I've also found books that I really, really, really need to get! I never thought that I would find it in Malaysia. These books are not something that I should pass up. So, I bought 3 books at Borders! Hehehe.. Borders is fast becoming one of my favourite book haunts! It has a variety of young adult and fiction books! I found The Walking Dead graphic novels too! If I have an additional amount of cash next year, I will buy each one in the series. It costs at least RM30 each. There's quite a few to collect! So, in due time, my darlings. :) I want to try reading graphic novels. Its nice to see the story translated into comics or illustrations! You will admire both the author's writing and the beautiful illustrations. It is expensive but I think its worth it. My uncles used to collect Spiderman, Superman, Thor, Asterix and Obelix (below) and so on. 

Images courtesy of Google Inc. 

My mom used to collect Archie comics and from time to time I still purchase it now. I used to read Archie comics when I was small. My first step to understanding and conversing in English was through Archie comics. :) I think my favourite male character was Jughead. He's the one on the left in the image below. 

Images courtesy of Google Inc. 

Favourite female character was the notorious boyfriend stealer, Cheryl! Pictured below in the centre. I like her not for the boyfriend stealing part but because she oozes confidence and she's not afraid to take risks. :) 

Images courtesy of Google Inc. 

I will show you the haul I made in my next few posts. I've recorded a video on that. 

Other than Borders, we had lunch in Marche and walk around the street bazaar where my sister bought me a pair of gorgeous sunglasses! Thanks, Jan! :) Then, we went home. So tired of walking around. 

Question of the day: What was your favourite comic growing up? :)

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