Sunday, September 16, 2012

My video camera is damaged! :(

I'm so sad! It didn't get caught in the rain or anything terrible like that. It just decided to malfunction when I tried to playback or transfer some of the footage! Argh!!! Now, I need to go and send it off to the shop since its still under warranty to get it fix! It will take 3 weeks!!! I have 2 videos that I recorded yesterday! God! I hope it doesn't get deleted! :(


  1. aw...hope it will get fix soon...

    1. i'm bummed out! :( i made 2 videos yesterday but i was only able to retrieve just one. the other was corrupted. i will strive to put up videos even if it means i have to use my webcam. hehehe... must strive to be productive! :D i hope you're having a good weekend, sabrina! :D