Tuesday, July 31, 2012

Requested tutorial: Neon colours!!! :D

This was a requested tutorial by one of my YouTube subscribers. This was a fun look. Not my everyday kind of look. This would be defined as stepping out of my comfort zone look! Hehehe... It was a fun experiment. It took me a while to "design" the look but I had lots of fun creating it! :D

Review: Garnier BB Cream

Here's a full day video on the Garnier BB cream wear. Please watch to see my honest opinion on the product. This is based on my opinions. You might or might not agree with my opinions. Everyone has their own perception on different things. I hope you'll understand. :) 

Daiso haul!

Itty, bitty, teenie weenie Daiso haul! Its fun going to Daiso! Most of the time, I would get overwhelmed when I'm there. There's just too many things to see! Maybe buy too! Yikes! Yeah, RM5 for a product is cheap but if you have ten products in your basket?! It adds up fast!!! Have fun watching my video! Thanks and I'll "see" you guys very soon! Bye!!! :D


BEIA... Yeah... This is my mission in August. BEIA (Blog Everyday In August). Let's hope this works! Starting tomorrow, of course. Oh no! I forgot to get a pint from Baskin Robbins! Oh man!!! Never mind, August is another 31 days! YEAY!!! 

Saturday, July 14, 2012

Its a very sad day for me :`(

I've received news very early in the morning today that one of my close relatives who is very close to me has a grave stricken disease. He's the one my siblings are closest to because he's very jovial, very funny and very playful! We love him very much. He used to live with my family as we were growing up. I would remember him helping me with my Maths homework and would help me out when my dad gives me tests just before my exams. He would immediately give me an answer to the questions and then explain it to me slowly so that I would understand. As I'm typing this out, I'm literally crying buckets as I've never realized that one day I would have to come to terms with this situation. He was always the healthiest. He would look after what he eats. He works out and he never eats too much after 8pm unless there's a kenduri. He was always the joker of our family. Never have I thought in any way that I would have to come to terms with this so close to home. It has made me realize that ALLAH IS GREAT! HE can take a life without even us realizing it! HE has made me realize that we have so little time left on earth and that we haven't done enough for HIM and for the ones that we love dearly. It has made me realize that I have been an anti social with my family members! I have not visited them at their homes enough or even worse, call them as often! I feel the need to be closer to ALLAH not just because of this news but because of how I never know what's going to happen tomorrow. I have come to terms that there is so much that I need to do. Sembahyang hajat and whatever sembahyang sunat that I can find, I shall do. I shall make sure not to think too much of my life on earth but my and the lives of those closest to me in the life hereafter. I'm going to start reading the Quran more and try to recite surah Yasin every day. I have to do this! I must remember to do this. Makeups, shoes, bags, etc will not be the ones accompanying me to my grave. My deeds and my prayers will. Those are the only ones which will help me during my questionings. Please Ya ALLAH, please give us more time to seek your love! Please Ya ALLAH, please give hope and cure my relative. Please Ya ALLAH, help us! :`(

Friday, July 13, 2012

The weekend is almost here! Yahoo!!!

I have no idea why but lately I've been so lazy! Urgh! I hate being lazy and procrastinating! Its not a good habit! On weekends I can be lazy but not weekdays! I must buck up! Oh, yesterday I bought a cute handbag! Surprisingly, all my items from my previous bag fits perfectly in it! Its a relatively smaller bag but it feel lighter in weight than my previous bag. Same amount of stuff goes into it as the previous bag! Yeay!!! Hubby likes it too! Hehehe... On top of that, I have to get lap top bag because the bag I carry it with is too heavy and bulky. This time its just a one shoulder bag. Hopefully its not too heavy and I really need to make sure that I don't put numerous things in there! I have that tendency! Only RM29.90 for a big bag that's waterproof and you can wipe down! SCORE!!! :D I'll show the bags in one of my videos soon! :) 

Get ready with me video!

The title says it all! :) 

June 2012 favourites!

Yeay! Lots of makeup in June! Woo hoo! :)

Blue e/s made wearable! Come watch!

Blue e/s is not the easiest to work with. The e/s that I used was the best example of this. If I didn't use a base, it wouldn't be as vibrant and too chalky to work with! Urgh! Thank goodness for the Stila Cobalt smudge pot. :) 

Misc haul!

Small haul! Come watch!

Oh my! Its really dusty in here! :O

Whoa! Too much dusts on my blog! Multiple reasons for the lack of posts. First off, I was giving more priority to my work and personal life. Second, I wasn't in the mood because something that I was hoping and worked hard on, didn't materialize. After taking about nearly a month of break, I've come to the conclusion that its just wasn't meant to be. ALLAH knows what's best for me and so, I would have to follow what ALLAH thinks is best for my family and I. Let's hope that whatever ALLAH is pushing my way, it will be soon. InsyALLAH! 

I have put up multiple videos in the past few weeks. Here they are. I hope you like it and make sure that you do subscribe. Leave me a comment if you have any questions and thumbs up the video if you do like it. Thanks for being very patient with me through my "ordeal". I cannot put up multiple videos into one post. So, I'll post it one by one here. 

Don't stress out too much. The weekend is almost here. I've got a wedding to go to this Saturday. Theme is gold. The last time I wore gold was on my wedding day! That colour means a lot to me. So, I think I'll wear a peach dress instead. ;)