Saturday, July 14, 2012

Its a very sad day for me :`(

I've received news very early in the morning today that one of my close relatives who is very close to me has a grave stricken disease. He's the one my siblings are closest to because he's very jovial, very funny and very playful! We love him very much. He used to live with my family as we were growing up. I would remember him helping me with my Maths homework and would help me out when my dad gives me tests just before my exams. He would immediately give me an answer to the questions and then explain it to me slowly so that I would understand. As I'm typing this out, I'm literally crying buckets as I've never realized that one day I would have to come to terms with this situation. He was always the healthiest. He would look after what he eats. He works out and he never eats too much after 8pm unless there's a kenduri. He was always the joker of our family. Never have I thought in any way that I would have to come to terms with this so close to home. It has made me realize that ALLAH IS GREAT! HE can take a life without even us realizing it! HE has made me realize that we have so little time left on earth and that we haven't done enough for HIM and for the ones that we love dearly. It has made me realize that I have been an anti social with my family members! I have not visited them at their homes enough or even worse, call them as often! I feel the need to be closer to ALLAH not just because of this news but because of how I never know what's going to happen tomorrow. I have come to terms that there is so much that I need to do. Sembahyang hajat and whatever sembahyang sunat that I can find, I shall do. I shall make sure not to think too much of my life on earth but my and the lives of those closest to me in the life hereafter. I'm going to start reading the Quran more and try to recite surah Yasin every day. I have to do this! I must remember to do this. Makeups, shoes, bags, etc will not be the ones accompanying me to my grave. My deeds and my prayers will. Those are the only ones which will help me during my questionings. Please Ya ALLAH, please give us more time to seek your love! Please Ya ALLAH, please give hope and cure my relative. Please Ya ALLAH, help us! :`(


  1. So true....we are so busy in our materialistic life that we sometimes forget our close ones.I lost my grandmaa 3yrs ago and see was my darling.More than a friend, mother, guide.But I couldnot even see her for the last time coz I was working in another city :( I miss her so much.
    God give strength to you and your family dearie !!!

    1. yes. sometimes whether its accidental or not, we forget the ones that matters to us most. sometimes we even forget to thank them for anything. for their advices, for their wisdom and maybe even for their recipes. we should be more thankful everyday that we're blessed with such wonderful individuals in our lives. its made me realize that a call would be the best thing to make sure that you stay connected with your loved ones. that's what i'll be doing more from now onwards. :)