Friday, August 17, 2012


Its been a while since I've posted anything. Too much work to do. Not complaining though. ;) Anyway, SELAMAT HARI RAYA AIDILFITRI or HAPPY EID UL FITRI to those celebrating! Be extra safe during this festive season, ok? :)

Thursday, August 9, 2012

Lots to do tomorrow!

There wasn't much that has happened today. Work as normal. Being amongst your colleagues and sharing knowledge is a good thing. Sometimes, in our daily life we forget to communicate verbally with those surrounds us. Especially in this day and age. We are so engrossed with the world at our fingertips or which is just a click away that we forget to say, "Hi!" to those around us. Yes. These are the side effects of the Internet. I think it has wrapped us in a cocoon that our world narrows down to a desk and a laptop. Conclusion is walk around. Meet new people (physically). Take a deep breath of fresh air. Look at the beautiful view around you and appreciate every minute that you have on earth. Do good deeds. Its never a wasted effort. I hope you're able to take back a few things from this post. Good night and sleep tight. :) 

Wednesday, August 8, 2012

New videos posted last weekend

Totally forgot to add these videos in my blog. I would normally post a video a week but since I have extra footage, I've decided to add that one in too! Enjoy watching it! :) 

The Dark Night Rises woes

I really hate Christian Bale. He makes the Bruce Wayne's character too arrogant. Plus, I think that the recent Batman movies are too "real". No longer the comic hero but similar to a real life vigilante. However, to satisfy my husband's cravings, certain sacrifices has to be made. :( I'm going to have to bear with it. We're going to check out the showtimes later. Oh, we can get tickets at a special price since its Wednesday! Yeay! :D I do have some errands to run today. Lots of running around! I have to read up on some books later. Not novels but some work related books. 

How's your Wednesday coming along? 

Tuesday, August 7, 2012

Hungry! :(

I should have eaten more for sahur instead of just cereal! Hmm... I'm going to buy some bananas later to eat for sahur tomorrow. Thing is, I can't eat too much during sahur and then regret later on in the day that I don't. However, I did drink lots of water this morning! Cold water! Yummy!

Today, I'm going to a hardware store after work as I have some mini projects I'm working on for work. Then, we'll be breaking our fast at one of the malls. I don't know whether I should have rice or not. My stomach wants it but it'll make me lethargic for prayers after that. We'll see what's good. Hopefully it's not rice. Rice might win this battle though! I can almost literally TASTE it! Hahaha.... :D

Monday, August 6, 2012


I've accidentally deleted today's post! I have no idea where to retrieve it! Arghhh!!! I was going to edit the font in it but accidentally click on delete instead of edit. OMG!!! Ok... Keep calm... Take a deep breath. 

In my deleted post, I mentioned that due to the overindulgence yesterday. No.. actually it was a weekend of overindulgence! Bad girl! So, this week, its back to our normal routine and my cereals for sahur. No more laced fat foods. Keep it minimal and to all my muslim friends, please, please, please make sure to get your daily intake of 8 glasses of water! I'm suffering because I only had sodas yesterday! Argh! My throat is so parched. Now, I know how those kids in Africa feel. Pity them so much! :( 

I did mentioned in that post that I've recorded some videos last weekend and one of the looks seems quite similar to what I did before. So, I'm not sure if i should upload it or not.. Hmm... 

Overindulgence during Ramadhan is bad!

Gluttony is bad after a day of fasting! I'm going to tell you what I ate yesterday for break fast or Iftar since I forgot to blog about it! Oooppsss... Sorry. :) ok. I decided to have nasi ayam for Iftar from TCRS. So, I bought it and then suddenly the pesky Carl's Junior advertisement was right in front of me. Oh boy! To satisfy my gluttony, we bought Carl's Junior for sahur. It's been awhile since I last ate Carl's Junior and didn't realize how expensive it could be!!! 2 set meals for RM43!!! Yikes! I acted cool but felt my eyebrows in my hairline! :l I cannot complain about it. Like I said pure gluttony!

Anyway, my major reason for going out yesterday was in search of my baju raya and I've found it!!! Yeay! It's a dusty pink dress. I'll show in one of my videos after Raya. I want to buy another one since I think one of my baju which is tailor made is messed up! Bummer! :(

Saturday, August 4, 2012

Video sharing 2

May I share one more video during this holy month of Ramadhan? This is such a beautiful video that I've cried over and over again watching it. Come watch. :) 

Editing videos day!

Nowadays, the only time I have to edit videos is during the weekends. Sometimes, I wish that with the effort I make in editing and recording the videos, I get paid from YouTube for it. This will help me in so may ways!!! One of it is I'm thinking of getting another laptop and a better editing software. In the mean time, until YouTube Malaysia starts its partnership program, I just have to be contented and grateful with what I have. So far, my laptop is doing fantastic. ALHAMDULILLAH. No meltdowns. I rarely use the laptop for other things besides surfing the net, watching YouTube, watching the occasional DVDs when I'm out of town and editing my videos. Thats' it. Nothing major. I just need a bigger memory and a faster (speed wise) laptop. No idea what the correct IT terms are. Hehehe... How is your weekend coming along? Mine has been good so far. There would be a bonus video that I will post today to YouTube! In the mean time, have you watch the tag I did? It was a fun one. It gives you an insight of behinds the scenes of a beauty YouTuber. :)

Friday, August 3, 2012

Video sharing 1

Here is the video that I promise to share yesterday. I forgot all about it. Its funny but there is a message at the end of it. Have fun watching it. :)

Books has taken over my life!

Hahaha... Really! Sometimes, reading a good book can change your mood instantly! It would whisk you away to a different land and keeps you raptured in its adventures. I can't tell you how much I love that this has happened to me. My handbag cannot say the same though. Its probably complaining of the weight when I add my book into it! Hahaha.. It keeps me entertained wherever I am. Currently, I'm reading "Catching Fire". The 2nd in The Hunger Games series. So far so good. I'm still in the early pages of the book. The first book was wonderful! It was so good that I took every opportunity available to read this book. It was that good! You have to try reading The Hunger Games. I didn't like the movie as much. The movie was ok. Meh.. Nothing to shout about. The book, I can go to the top of the Petronas Twin Towers with a HUGE bullhorn and shout out how great it was! :D If there is one book that you can read this year due to time restrictions, it would be The Hunger Games! Tell me what you are reading, ok? Oh, follow me on to know what books that I'm keen on reading and the books that I've rated! :) Click the link below! :) 

newrulefarah on goodreads!

Thursday, August 2, 2012

What a way to start BEIA!

Argh! Work has been so hectic lately! Past 2 days I've strived through with work and only now I'm free! Ay Caramba! I cannot complain! I should be more thankful with what I have instead of complaining about what I want. There are people out there who would love to have what I have. So, count your blessings every day! I'll share with you a video tomorrow that would make you think twice about complaining. :)

As suggested by one of my subscribers, I need to make a cooking video. I should! Argh! I should have made one at my dad's last weekend! Hmm... Maybe a quick "cooking" video would suffice for now. Full blown one would be after Raya. Now, need to think of a set up. Sigh.. The life of a beauty YouTuber. Hahaha... :D