Monday, August 6, 2012


I've accidentally deleted today's post! I have no idea where to retrieve it! Arghhh!!! I was going to edit the font in it but accidentally click on delete instead of edit. OMG!!! Ok... Keep calm... Take a deep breath. 

In my deleted post, I mentioned that due to the overindulgence yesterday. No.. actually it was a weekend of overindulgence! Bad girl! So, this week, its back to our normal routine and my cereals for sahur. No more laced fat foods. Keep it minimal and to all my muslim friends, please, please, please make sure to get your daily intake of 8 glasses of water! I'm suffering because I only had sodas yesterday! Argh! My throat is so parched. Now, I know how those kids in Africa feel. Pity them so much! :( 

I did mentioned in that post that I've recorded some videos last weekend and one of the looks seems quite similar to what I did before. So, I'm not sure if i should upload it or not.. Hmm... 

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