Tuesday, August 7, 2012

Hungry! :(

I should have eaten more for sahur instead of just cereal! Hmm... I'm going to buy some bananas later to eat for sahur tomorrow. Thing is, I can't eat too much during sahur and then regret later on in the day that I don't. However, I did drink lots of water this morning! Cold water! Yummy!

Today, I'm going to a hardware store after work as I have some mini projects I'm working on for work. Then, we'll be breaking our fast at one of the malls. I don't know whether I should have rice or not. My stomach wants it but it'll make me lethargic for prayers after that. We'll see what's good. Hopefully it's not rice. Rice might win this battle though! I can almost literally TASTE it! Hahaha.... :D

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