Monday, August 6, 2012

Overindulgence during Ramadhan is bad!

Gluttony is bad after a day of fasting! I'm going to tell you what I ate yesterday for break fast or Iftar since I forgot to blog about it! Oooppsss... Sorry. :) ok. I decided to have nasi ayam for Iftar from TCRS. So, I bought it and then suddenly the pesky Carl's Junior advertisement was right in front of me. Oh boy! To satisfy my gluttony, we bought Carl's Junior for sahur. It's been awhile since I last ate Carl's Junior and didn't realize how expensive it could be!!! 2 set meals for RM43!!! Yikes! I acted cool but felt my eyebrows in my hairline! :l I cannot complain about it. Like I said pure gluttony!

Anyway, my major reason for going out yesterday was in search of my baju raya and I've found it!!! Yeay! It's a dusty pink dress. I'll show in one of my videos after Raya. I want to buy another one since I think one of my baju which is tailor made is messed up! Bummer! :(

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