Wednesday, August 8, 2012

The Dark Night Rises woes

I really hate Christian Bale. He makes the Bruce Wayne's character too arrogant. Plus, I think that the recent Batman movies are too "real". No longer the comic hero but similar to a real life vigilante. However, to satisfy my husband's cravings, certain sacrifices has to be made. :( I'm going to have to bear with it. We're going to check out the showtimes later. Oh, we can get tickets at a special price since its Wednesday! Yeay! :D I do have some errands to run today. Lots of running around! I have to read up on some books later. Not novels but some work related books. 

How's your Wednesday coming along? 


  1. Hello! ^.^ I found your blog heh heh heh~ I actually find the realism in TDKR refreshing. However, I just DISLIKE Marion Coltillard in them Christopher Nolan films heh heh heh. Enjoy the movie!!

    1. oh really? i wasn't able to watch the movie. it ends too late and there's so much to do in the month of ramadhan. so, we might try our luck again after puasa. hehehe... hopefully, TDKR is still in the cinemas then. ;)