Saturday, August 4, 2012

Editing videos day!

Nowadays, the only time I have to edit videos is during the weekends. Sometimes, I wish that with the effort I make in editing and recording the videos, I get paid from YouTube for it. This will help me in so may ways!!! One of it is I'm thinking of getting another laptop and a better editing software. In the mean time, until YouTube Malaysia starts its partnership program, I just have to be contented and grateful with what I have. So far, my laptop is doing fantastic. ALHAMDULILLAH. No meltdowns. I rarely use the laptop for other things besides surfing the net, watching YouTube, watching the occasional DVDs when I'm out of town and editing my videos. Thats' it. Nothing major. I just need a bigger memory and a faster (speed wise) laptop. No idea what the correct IT terms are. Hehehe... How is your weekend coming along? Mine has been good so far. There would be a bonus video that I will post today to YouTube! In the mean time, have you watch the tag I did? It was a fun one. It gives you an insight of behinds the scenes of a beauty YouTuber. :)

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