Thursday, August 9, 2012

Lots to do tomorrow!

There wasn't much that has happened today. Work as normal. Being amongst your colleagues and sharing knowledge is a good thing. Sometimes, in our daily life we forget to communicate verbally with those surrounds us. Especially in this day and age. We are so engrossed with the world at our fingertips or which is just a click away that we forget to say, "Hi!" to those around us. Yes. These are the side effects of the Internet. I think it has wrapped us in a cocoon that our world narrows down to a desk and a laptop. Conclusion is walk around. Meet new people (physically). Take a deep breath of fresh air. Look at the beautiful view around you and appreciate every minute that you have on earth. Do good deeds. Its never a wasted effort. I hope you're able to take back a few things from this post. Good night and sleep tight. :) 

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