Tuesday, September 11, 2012

Assalammualaikum and hello...

Assalammualaikum and hi! :D

Welcome to my new followers. :) Thank you for following me here. I appreciate your support very much. :) Are you subscribed to my YouTube channel too? Please do, ok? :) I honestly wanted to blog more the past few weeks. However, traveling and celebrating Eid got in the way. I had a great time during Eid. Now, I'm suffering a bit due to a nasty cough, fever and flu that I've been having. At the time I'm typing this, my hubby is down with the above too. Hehehe... Sharing is caring, right? Hehehe... ;) I ate way too much during Eid that I think I need to slim down a lot now. :P 

I did make a few videos and right now I don't remember which videos I have embedded here on my blog. Excuse me for a sec... I'm back. Ok, I need to embed quite a few of my videos here. I will attach them now. There's also an update video from me. What videos you can expect from me in the future and so on and what not. :) I have more things to share with you. Probably in my next post. Stay tuned. :) 

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