Tuesday, September 18, 2012

My favourite romantic movies

There's only one movie that will pop in my mind if anyone asks what my favourite movie is. Yes. Its You've Got Mail starring Tom Hanks and Meg Ryan. Its actually my all time favourite movie regardless of any genre! Why? This might sound silly but if you really watch the plot line, its about 2 people who has never met in their entire life becoming penpals and at the very end found out they have some similar interests. Swap the laptops with old fashioned letters (sent via snail mail, that is) and it becomes something along the lines of a Little Women book (loosely based). Am I right? 

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In this movie, New York has never been depicted more beautiful and its set during Autumn/ Winter. There's just something about these 2 seasons that makes any romance movies more romantic! I love how Tom Hanks slowly made Meg Ryan hate his alter ego without knowing that it was really him in the end. There's one part in that movie that always made me cry. You'll know which one. Here's a clue, Meg Ryan cried too in that scene. :) 

The second one is The Wedding Planner. Its an oldie but a goodie. I love the control freak depicted in Jennifer Lopez's character. Matthew McConaughey was a really good looking doctor. He made me swoon and that southern drawl of his... Wow! Its a simple story. Man falls in love with another girl right before his wedding. Cute story. Very sweet. Makes your heart go pitter patter at the end of the movie. 

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The last one that I recently found at a Speedy Video shop is Serendipity. Fun facts about the movie, its named after a dessert place in New York by the same name. 

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It serves one of the most delicious desserts I've ever seen. Frozen hot chocolate! How good does that sound to you? The sinful image is below. ;) 

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Back to the story. The movie is about a superstitious girl who leaves everything in her life up to chances. Even the love of her life. She met a guy (John Cusack) by chance one fine day and they spent the entire day together. Learning more about each other. Then, she left their fate to chance. If they were meant to be, there will be signs to tell them. Hehehe... Its a crazy movie and sometimes you just felt like slapping Kate across the face shouting to her that John is the perfect guy for her! I love this movie very much and again the background is set during autumn/ winter. 

The next one hasn't been aired on tv for a long time! I've been trying to get a hold of it, with no avail. :( This is a food based romantic movie. The main character inherits some magical powers and its translated into the food she makes. Sounds interesting, right? It is and its a wonderful romantic movie. If you haven't watch it, please do. It was not as popular to the ones that I've mentioned above but just as good. 

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Those are my favourite romantic movies of all time. What are yours? Leave me a comment, ok? :) Thank you for reading my post! :) 


  1. best entry! :) sis, i love comedy n romantic movies too :) a walk to remember, the notebook are also the best and memorable movie ever.. there's a movie i watch on tv (on valentines day) long time ago, i forget who's starring and what its tittle but it was so awesome! the story is about a man who fall in love with a woman, one of them is mute. the sweetest scene that i really love is when the girl come to his house during his birthday, open her jacket or sweater (whatever ;p) and there's a ribbon tied around her chest. so sweet kan? meaning that she present herself to the man. hehee love it! sis, since u're a movie lover just like me, i bet u know what movie is that ;) till today i couldn't find the movie as well as on the youtube. i guess the movie was on 90's...

    1. hahaha... i'm glad you've enjoyed reading this post! :) a walk to remember was nice. the notebook was sad. tear jerker but i like it very much! i like 50 first dates too. its sweet! :) the story that you've described sounds very sweet. i've never watched it before. otherwise, by your description, i would have remembered. :) let me know if you do find out what the title is. i might just scour speedy video for it! hehehe... have you watched mannequin before? its set in late 80s and earlier 90s. its about a guy who falls in love with a mannequin. the mannequin comes to life and they fall in love. have you ever watched it? the guy is so cute! he was my crush as i was growing up! :)