Friday, September 14, 2012

Its the weekend!!! Well... almost... ;)

Its a lovely Friday. Not too hot. The weather is just nice. Hopefully it will remain this way in the afternoon and evening. Did your area get the strong winds yesterday? It was practically howling and chilly in my area! I had to wear a hoodie! Hehehe... I love it! :D

The past 2 days I was talking about IT gadgets. Today, I'm going to talk about beauty gadgets. Just one beauty gadget in particular. Its the Clarisonic. The one below is the original. 

Image courtesy of Google Inc. 
In Malaysia, the original Clarisonic costs RM800+ and the Mia below costs RM500+. 
Image courtesy of Google Inc.
The Mia 2 costs RM600+. The brush heads costs RM90+ and I don't think they've brought it that many varieties of brush heads here. 
Image courtesy of Google Inc.

The Clarisonic is available in Sephora Malaysia. As you can see from the prices that I've stated, these gadgets are really pricey! However, I've heard so many wonderful things about this gadgets and how it has improved the skin appearance of some of its users. I've been meaning to get one but to buy just one item at this price still doesn't justify it. I really, really want one though. I'm still wondering why its so expensive when it reaches our shores. Its still being shipped by the same distributor which is Sephora. Hmm... Anyway, my main reason to get this gadget is to reduce my acne and wrinkles. I don't have that many wrinkles but I do have my fair share of acne. I'm hoping this would help lighten the appearance of scars, reduce the production of oil on my face and reduces the emergence of acne. Plus, smooths away my skin, of course. ;) I'm hoping to get the same results as per happy owners of the Clarisonic. 

Here's to hoping I get a huge bonus or some sort of money increment or compensation next year or a very generous benefactor will help me out on this. *hint hint, Mr. Happy Feet! ;)

Do you want to get the Clarisonic too? Leave it in the comment section below. :) Talk to you tomorrow! :) 


  1. i want to get clarasonic too! i wanted the plus, but its so expensive. because i think i need a brush for my body... not sure... tgk rezeki! hehe! hope you will get yours and do a review!

    1. i hope so too! :) it will be a great addition and investment to my beauty regime. :) save up for it, sabrina. it will take quite a while to get but it will be worth it in the long run based on the happy users testimonials! :)