Tuesday, May 15, 2012

Boring and hot morning

Its a very hot day. What's the temperature this afternoon? *checks iPod* Its 31 degrees C. By the heat of it, I thought we've reached the 40s! I'm having some leftover fried vermicelli for brunch. I don't think I will have much for lunch today. Maybe some "lauk". No rice! If you are wondering what "lauk" is, its dishes that you eat with rice. For example, it could be fried chicken, some veggies cooked in soy sauce, some fiery prawn "sambal", etc. Typical Malay dishes. 

Uh oh! I have an video idea. As the character in the cartoon, Despicable Me would say, "LIGHTBULLLLBBB!!!" I will make this into a video soon. I do hope I remember this. I need to write it down! How is your Tuesday coming along? 

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