Wednesday, May 30, 2012

Obsessed: Once Upon A Time series

I'm currently obsessed with this series! Not a good image here. Anyway, its such a good series. When I watch this series, it brings me back to my childhood when I used to read about fairytales or even watch them. When I see a character, I'll try to pin point what that character's name is even before they said it themselves. Its similar to when I watch Shrek! Its a wonderful childhood flashback with a modern and dark twist to it.

Here is how they depict The Little Red Riding Hood looks like. Very gothic, right? Very sexy too! She's the one on the right, of course! I love her character in this. Naughty, gothic and sexy. Not so little anymore! :) Wow! The image really sucks! Urgh! I can only paste this at its original size due to the pixel!

Here is one of my favourite characters. I love this boy very much and the series has not revealed his fairytale character yet. I love his enthusiasm, bravery, cheerful and imagination. He's a very lovable character. Can't wait to finish season 1. I saw that the 2nd season will only commence in Sep! Oh man! I'm really bummed! :(

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  1. omg i watched ouat too!! yes, red is soo hawt! but i love graham more ;)season 2 has cme out. have fun! every magic comes with a price! ngeeeheeee~ ;P