Sunday, May 20, 2012

Oh no!!!

Oh dearie me! I haven't blogged since last Thursday. Bad girl! I'm trying my best to upload a blog post on a daily basis. However, due to time constraints and too many tasks on hand, I forgot about it until now. I'm just going to elaborate what I did in the next few paragraphs. 

  • I went to pick up my car from the workshop. Its supposed to be fixed by now. Reassured by the mechanic that it was. You'll see my frustration in a bit. >:l
  • Went to Daiso with my sis and mom. Got a few things. I'll be going back there for one more thing. Beauty related. Will tell you in a video. 
  • Oh, last Thursday, I picked up some necessities from the blog I made. All except one. I will do a video on this when I have the time. 
  • I can't remember where we ate. Gosh!

  • Had a sisters day out with my friend and our sisters. 
  • Brunch in Coffee Bean. Ate egg club sandwich, I think. It was not bad. Oh, we shared a chocolate cake too. Laugh, cried and talked a lot! It was so much fun! Its nice to have a girly day out once in awhile. :D I missed it! :)
  • Thought I wanted to go to The Curve and then the thought of finding a parking lot and braving the jam was too much. 
  • Came back with my sis to my house. Picked up my hubby. 
  • Left for Subang Parade for lunch. Ate at Penang Nyonya. Not nice. Was reminiscing about the Char Koey Teow in Little Penang Cafe and the banana fritters with ice cream in Madam Kwan's! Gosh! Having food and dreaming about them is bad! Hehehe... :D
  • Watched Dark Shadows. Good movie. I love Johnny Depp and Chloe Moretz! 
  • The error message came on again in my car. Grrrr!!! I'm going to give a piece of my mind and fist to the mechanic! He has a lot to answer for next Wednesday! >:l


I had nasi lemak for breakfast! I have to stop this! Must make it my monthly ritual instead of weekly! Yikes! I'm editing a video now and going to upload it today. I'm also going to record a few today! Oh my! Its going to get really busy today.

Next week

It'll be a busy schedule for me. Work wise, that is. Hopefully, I'll get to squeeze in an uploaded video next week. 

How is your weekend coming along? Mine is too short as usual! :(

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