Saturday, October 13, 2012

Playing The Sims 3 - Late Night

I'm The Sims biggest fan! I've been playing them ever since I was in college. I fell in love with the game when I watched TechTV which was once on Astro. I loved all the shows on that network. Too bad some other network bought it over. It went off air after that. To get my latest games fix, I would watch it on that network. So, The Sims won my heart and its the one game I would spend some hard earned money on. I've bought quite a few expansion packs and I have a quite a few more to go on my wishlist. :) For now, this game has kept me captivated. However, I can only play 1 Sim at a time! I've tried playing with 2 Sims. It was successful at first but in the end, I had a MASSIVE headache! That's just from a day's playing! :( There are too many goals and needs to achieve! Too little time! 

Images courtesy of Google Inc.

Oh, there's vampires in this one too! ;)

Images courtesy of Google Inc.

If you've never played it before, check it out. I bought my expansion packs from The Software Boutique. I'm not being paid in any way to promote them. I want to buy original games for fear that the pirated ones will corrupt my beloved Macbook White. :) If its corrupted, to repair it will take a LOT of money. Hence, better be safe than sorry. The Software Boutique has many games and they have an online store too! Trust me, you wouldn't want to go to the store! Not because it looks seedy. Its just parking is a nightmare in SS2, PJ! I hate going to PJ! Anyway, from what I saw, all the expansion packs in The Sims official website was there! WHOA! Makes it easier for me to do a one shop shop! ;) Nope, I'm not going to say one stop shop. ;) EA Games has raised their prices a bit and they might increase it again next year. For the old expansion packs, it remains at the old price. Just the latest ones that gets a "boost"! Oh man! :l

That's all for my "geeky" post. What can I say... at my age, I'm still ecstatic with playing games! Especially The Sims! 

Now, do me a favour, never under any circumstances, ask what my age is! ;) 


  1. Lin main The Sims since Form 1! and currently still addicted to Sims 3.

    ...main guna cheat cepat sikit. Huhuhu. (^_____^)

  2. hahaha... I mmg addicted ngan game ni. Sama2lah kita. :D I mmg tak suka guna cheat, Lin. Hehehe... Nak cuba main the hard way. Semlm bila tak dapat complete goal beberapa kali, barulah i masuk forum untuk dapatkan solution dia. hehehe... i love the challenge tapi semalam tgh tension, jadi terpaksalah mencari jalan penyelesaian! hahahaha... :D