Wednesday, June 6, 2012

Another day, another dollar

It's just another uneventful day. I have an appointment to go to this morning. I had to leave very early to make sure that I don't miss the queue. It's a long wait if I came late. I came and was given a number. Told to come back in the afternoon. My husband and I decided to have brunch. Went to a place near my father's house. Had nasi lemak again! Do you see a pattern here?! Then I had one of the best cendol around! So good and cheap! Cendol pulut for only RM1.50! The best!

After this appointment (which I'm currently at), I'm going to KLCC to get my Donna Hay magazine in Kinokuniya. Then, there may be a stop I'll have to make to buy some cloth materials for my mom. If I have the time later.

I feel the need and desire to learn to sew. There are several pieces of clothing out there that I think is not worth the price tag! I think I need to learn to make a few of my own. Hmmm... I hope I have the time to learn it.

What is the one thing that you feel the need to learn. A skill that is. Tell me.

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